Procesadora Perú S.A.C

Since September 22, 1999, we have processed in our freezing plant, which is designed with state-of-the-art technology, which makes us a pillar of the agro-industry in the region. It is a cold line (IQF System) with a storage capacity of up to 160 tons and a production of 1,200 kg/H.

Procesadora Perú SAC believe that our first responsibility is with our clients. Families that consume our products to satisfy their needs, so everything we do has to be of high quality.

We have a responsibility towards our collaborators, men and women who work for the benefit of the company. All are considered as individuals and therefore we respect their dignity and recognize their merits.

Founder: Ing. Alfonso Velásquez Tuesta

Agro-export entrepreneur with professional training in economic engineering from UNI. With experience and track record in the export sector. 27 years dedicated to the promotion of Peruvian exports is convinced that agriculture should specialize in occupying opportunity sales in the world market. President of the association of exporters ADEX. Former Minister of State in the production sector.
We create spaces so that our collaborators can fulfill their family responsibilities.
Our collaborators are free to make suggestions and observations. We promote an equal employment opportunity and career path for those who are trained.
We promote and encourage civic improvements in health and education.
We keep the property we are privileged to use in order by protecting resources and people.
These principles will continue to lead the quality of Procesadora Peru to be recognized worldwide by the main
consumers of agro-industrial products in the world, which allows us to develop frozen products under the same philosophy.